Attention, All Retail Stores Including Convenience Stores, Gas Stations, Bodegas and Tiendas INNOVATIVE & PROFITABLE PRE-PAID PRODUCTS  Walk-In Prepaid Cellular Phones Payment Solutions For Merchant Retailers Customers - Designed to Bring in Repeat Foot Traffic 


The Convenience Store Business Minded Owners Trusted Retail Bill Payments Provider

You will be able to make payments to Boost Mobile, Cricket Wireless, Metro by T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, Page Plus, TracPhone, Simple Mobile, Net 10, H2O Wireless, LycaMobile, T-Mobile, Gift Card, Cellular Phones, SIMS Card, plus many more other products, for your walk-in customers. Plus, you get the BEST DISCOUNTS IN THE INDUSTRY.

 Other companies care about their bottom line. We CARE about YOURS - INNOVATIVE products will make your store a wireless destination SOLUTIONS AN BENEFITS the under banked too create your store front to become an NEED FILLER.  



Our fast, secure and reliable web based software or terminals, not only allows you to activate and take prepaid wireless payments, we have integrated with manufacturers from the highest volume selling categories in c-stores to deliver more products at a better price – we cut out the middleman and share the savings with YOU.

*Product Advisor for Best Selling Products Nationwide

*Wholesale Goods Shipped Directly to Your Business

*Wireless and Financial Services for Your Customers

*Activate SIM based Prepaid Wireless Customers

Top % paid on all major Prepaid Wireless Top-ups

*Superior Bilingual Dealer Support – a REAL Person

*Fast and Secure Transactions 7 Days a Week

*Real-Time Admin Reporting / Reconciliation

Dynamic Processing Solutions

Prepaid Direct Wireless offers a merchant’s choice of web based portal or countertop terminal. In addition, our technology offers real-time return processing, user friendly reporting detail such as daily reports, clerk activity, refund tool, administrative options and more importantly – easy to see profits! ATTENTION, All RETAILERS! Become Need Fillers by Offering Electronic Prepaid Cellular Phones Bill Payment Service Solutions

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Prepaid Direct Wireless Secure Gateway is designed to keep your account safe. It will help you control which employees access the portal as well as monitor what actions they perform while logged into the portal. The reporting tools and alerts will help you in detecting fraudulent activities. Secure Gateway Portal uses digital identification methods to authenticate transactions or events to ensure they are performed from a known merchant location.

Transactions that are considered secure when the security key is validated are: Logan, Bill Payment, Prepaid Refill purchase, Void, Computer Security and Summary Report access. The security contacts will receive email notifications each time a secure transaction or event is performed and the security key cannot be found or validated. The security contacts are also notified when a user tries to perform an event and does not have the appropriate roles for performing that action.Prepaid Direct Wireless is the leading platform for prepaid no contract wireless products and services nationwide with a unique marketing and distribution platform that will give your business the edge you need to get leaps past your competitors. Partnered up with Prepaid Direct Wireless we can provide you the industry leading discount rates for your wireless refills while putting you in touch with a platform that has pins always in stock and ready for you to sell.


Prepaid Direct Wireless is your partner for wireless refills and for the latest in the prepaid no contract marketplace. At Prepaid Direct Wireless, we value efficient and reliable use of technology to simplify and expedite the prepaid mobile refill process. Our robust, easy-to-use, web-based technology platform, coupled with our industry-leading customer support, sets us apart from our competition. We are fast-growing and high-efficiency, with a rapidly evolving network of retailers and distributors that allows us to keep our offerings comprehensive and our rates competitive.


Prepaid Direct Wireless consistently provides the highest quality service and support to our retailer clients, and the best possible distribution network to our vendor partners, so that we can claim with confidence to be One WALK-IN FILLER NEEDS for All Your Prepaid Wireless CUSTOMERS Needs. Contact Prepaid Direct Wireless today, to discuss how our Prepaid Direct Wireless Value Proposition can add value to your brand, your customers.